What does Rosehip Oil Really Smell Like?

As soon as people hear the word rosehip they automatically make an association with the beautiful smelling flowers. 

Many people expect to open a pot of rosehip oil to smell the fresh, floral scent of roses. Really, rosehip smells nothing like a flower. Learn more about Rosehip oil here.

Rose hips are a plant with thorny branches the where the bright pink/reddish fruits grow. These are called the 'hips'. The rose hips are seeded fruits which form on the branches below the flower. Rose hips appear bright and plump but when dried can resemble dried cranberries but should definitely not be mistaken for that fruit! They definitely don't taste the same.

Although the rose hip plants do flower, rosehip oil doesn't carry any scent like a flower would. Many people say that the scent of rosehip oil is very earthy! It reminds some people of autumnal, dry leaves and nature. Some people have compared the scent to loose leaf, herbal teas and some people say that the smell can remind them of dry grass. 

Typically, rosehip oil does smell very earthy, but in a very pleasant way! It has a natural, subtle scent which reminds you that you are using a pure product. Although it may not smell like roses do, people really do enjoy the scent of rosehip oil. 

If you're not keen on the smell of rosehip oil, not to worry! The scent doesn't linger. Once it is worked into the skin the smell disappears leaving you with super soft, nourished skin and no after scent! 

There are many benefits to using rosehip in skin care products. We've packed this super star ingredient into our Rosehip and Chamomile Calming Cream! Rosehip oil is known for being an extremely gentle ingredient. It's often used in acne care as it helps lessen redness and swelling, calms irritation and hydrates the skin without making your skin any more oily than it already is! Rosehip sinks into the skin very quickly making it perfect for both morning and evening if you're in a rush. It's a great ingredient to look for in your skincare if you're after deep nourishment, want an evener skin tone & texture and just softer skin in general!

Love Peachy Fox Skin Care Writer, Abbie x