We Love Coconut Oil

Why we at Peachy Fox Love Coconut Oil as an Ingredient! 

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Wanna treat Dry, itchy skin? Use Coconut oil moisturiser. Run out of shaving cream? Use coconut oil creams. 

Hollywood is quite obsessed with products that contain coconut oil as the key ingredient. Emma Stone uses coconut oil cream to take off her makeup. Poppy Delevingne uses coconut oil moisturizer as a night cream. No wonder she flaunts an ever glowing skin. Model Suki Waterhouse relies on coconut oil moisturiser for taming her dry skin. Mandy Moore credits her glowing complexion to frequent usage of coconut oil moisturiser for increased hydration. Kelly Osbourne, enamored by the numerous benefits of the oil, devoted a post to the miracle ingredient in her moisturizer for restoring hydration, illuminating her face and wiping makeup traces at the end of the day. The list goes on….. 

When peering at the list of ingredients of your moisturiser, serums, night creams, masks or lipsticks, the ingredients often seem like a mysterious amalgamation of chemicals that we can’t even pronounce. Doesn't that sound a tad less frightening? We are hardly aware of the source, production, and the implications of slathering such chemicals on our skin. No wonder celebs and all those people flaunting a glow on their skin offer credit to natural products. 

The use of coconut oil as an ingredient in beauty products is by no means new. The trend doesn’t show any signs of departure anytime soon. This multitasking ingredient is a wondrous solution to numerous skin care woes that don’t seem to heal despite spending a fortune on treatments. Before dismissing coconut oil products as a fad, read about the documentations in history about this miracle oil and the ways in which it has been employed for restoring radiance on a weathered face.

coconut oil

A sneak peek into historical documents reveals that beauty recipes comprising of coconut oil as a key ingredient have been in use around the world for thousands of years. Documented accounts prove that it was and is being used by people of diverse cultures around the globe. The use of coconut oil beauty products is prolific in tropical regions: Most of Asia, Africa, Central and South America. The uses are immensely respected and have been documented in Sanskrit scriptures as a form of Ayurvedic treatment from 1500BC.

Captain Cook and other early European explorers wrote affectionately about the beauty of communities across the Pacific that made use of coconut oil products in their everyday lives. Natives of Papua New Guinea have been using coconut oil for moisturizing their skin, treating bruises, cut and for caring for their hair. The oil is widely used in medicine and cosmetics all over Sri Lanka and Thailand.    

Peachy Fox decided to get to the bottom of the matter since so many prettiest people in the world swear by coconut oil as the key ingredient in their skin care products. Take a look at some of the findings.


What is coconut oil?

Acclaimed as the darling of the natural world, coconut oil is nothing less than a skincare miracle. It is hard to deny that this ingredient which has found a place in numerous beauty care products is full of goodness. It is packed with Caprylic acid, which is recognized for its antifungal properties, lauric acid, proteins, and vitamin E. Extracted from the fleshy meat of the coconut, the oil is one of the only sources of medium chain fatty acids which works wonders for the skin. The polyphenols and phytonutrients act as antioxidants and have tissue-protective attributes.     


Is coconut oil good for skin?


Yes! Coconut oil is composed of saturated fats which repair the natural barrier of the skin and trap moisturized in an effective manner. The oil possesses antimicrobial properties and hence would kill any surface bacteria that you may have picked up during the day. It accelerates the natural healing process of the skin and soothes rashes. If there is anything that combats flaking like a boss, then it is no wonder, coconut oil. If you ever run out of skin highlighter, just dab coconut oil moisturized along your cheekbones to flaunt the healthiest glow ever.   


But wait! Before you get overly excited and slather yourself in it from head to toe, you need to be aware of few things. After all, it is an oil! Make sure to purchase products that contain coconut oil as the key ingredient. This will ensure that you are coupling the goodness with other natural products before slathering for whatever reason you wish to.    


Why is coconut oil moisturiser better than an average moisturizer and body lotions?


Commercial moisturizers comprise of lots of water which makes you feel that you are moisturizing your skin. The truth is that your skin becomes dry again as soon as the water dries. Coconut oil moisturiser, on the other hand, offers real and deep nourishment and locks moisture into the skin. It removes the excessive dead cell from the surface which renders your skin flaky and rough in texture and strengthens the underlying tissues. You can use it for everything from moisturizing dry knees to heal scars.


What if I have oily or combination skin? 


Even though literature favours the use of coconut oil for improving skin health, may people get hung up on the idea that addition of products comprising of coconut oil would only add to their oily skin woes? The foremost and foremost thing to realize is that flaky or rough, the skin lacks natural oil. Application of nourishing products such as coconut oil moisturizer can help in restoring the lip barrier which reduces water loss and inhibits oxidation and peroxidative damage. If your skin is overproducing oil, then application of nourishing oil contained in your moisturizer can result in exfoliation of skin as it breaks and dissolves excess oil without stripping your skin of the natural lipid barrier. The association of serum with acne is understood very although there is sufficient evidence to provide that it might have a lot more to do with the quality of the sebum and not with the quantity.    

Here are numerous ways suggested by Peachy Fox in which you can apply coconut oil moisturizers or emollients.


Foundation Primer


If you are a makeup addict, you would agree that without a primer a makeup can never be perfected. Did you know that using coconut oil creams can do the same job that a primer would do? Simply dab the cream laden with rich coconut oil and let it sink deep into your skin. You can then follow the steps of applying foundation. You will experience a smoother skin and the makeup would stay for a longer time. You can also dab some cream on your cheekbone for highlighting them.


Natural moisturiser


Show some kindness to your skin by slathering coconut oil moisturisers on it. This will ensure that the skin remains hydrated and protects from changes in the weather and also due to pollution. The use of coconut products neutralizes the toxins and cleanses your skin. It builds the natural immune system of your skin in addition to detoxification. Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it! There are four studies that have deeply researched about the moisturising effects of coconut oil. It has been proven that coconut oil beauty products improve dryness and work on itchy, dry skin better in comparison to products fortified with other oils. This is because of its emollient and antibacterial effects.


Smooth shaving cream


Who dictated that shaving creams need to lather? Use coconut oil creams as a base to get a closer shave that would leave your skin supple and smooth rather than leaving it patchy, dry and with bruises. 


Doubles as a makeup remover

Even the most resistant, waterproof lipsticks and mascara can’t stand a chance against creams fortified with coconut oil. Just apply the cream directly on your face as a natural cleanser suggests Peachy Fox. Have it sit on your skin for a while and then wipe off with a cotton pad. Your stubborn makeup will melt off in no time. This magical makeup remover lifts bacteria and dirt from deep within the skin, leaving it fresh in no time. Do not forget to share this tip with your BFFs! 


Softens cuticles


Women in Asia still continue to rub coconut oil on their hands and palms before going to bed. Do you wanna know why? If you are used to washing your hands often or if you need that extra little care, then make sure to apply coconut oil creams on your finger daily to keep them nourished, supple and soft. The plus is that you will not have to wait forever to notice the difference.   


Dab it as an under-eye cream


Are you tired of experimenting with serums and under eye creams that you can find on the shelves of beauty stores? Apply some coconut oil creams to cure the fine lines and under-eye bags. It is the best for the most delicate skin on your face. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants that reduce and fade the appearance of dark spots. Women with sensitive skins such make use of serums and creams that comprise of coconut oil.     


Stretch marks treatment


Coconut oil creams restore lipid barrier function and improve collagen cross-linking. This makes it an effective treatment for stretch marks. Now we know how Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr regained her supermodel body a few months after giving birth to her first child. 


Acne treatment


Preliminary research carried out suggests that coconut oil may prove to be an effective treatment for certain kinds of acne, which proves that it has the potential to serve as an alternative treatment for acne vulgaris. Coconut oil products are found to be 15 times more effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria because of its antimicrobial properties over benzoyl peroxide which is a popular acne medication. Studies have proven that coconut oil reduces swelling and inflammation associated with acne.   

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Do you still wonder why Peachy Fox loves Coconut Oil as an ingredient?