Top 5 Natural DIY Face Masks for Acne

We all break out from time to time, it's completely normal! 

Acne is most common among teenagers but can stick with us through our adult years too! Many people become insecure about their skin and try to cover it instead of treat the problem. Acne can be a nuisance but it can also be extremely uncomfortable and cause people pain. 

Sometimes we don't have access to products for acne and can need a quick fix with ingredients we have available to us in our own homes! Natural face masks can work wonders for all skin types, especially acne prone! At Peachy Fox, we're firm believers in natural skin care and think it works best! There are thousands of recipes for natural remedies that will work for your skin, you just need to find the right ones! We've put together our top 5 natural DIY masks you can make at home, and keep for future use! 

Honey and Cinnamon 

Honey and cinnamon can really reduce your acne and breakouts. Paired together, they are a dream team! Both honey and cinnamon work to reduce inflammation in the skin. Both ingredients are anti-microbial and hold healing properties for the skin. They're completely safe to use on sensitive skin and breakouts! Used regularly this simple mask can help reduce the size of breakouts and get rid of redness and swelling. 

Honey has been used in treatments for wounds and burns, proving it's healing and soothing for the skin. Raw honey is best to use as it has medical benefits both when used topically and digested. Just as it's best to use a specific type of honey, you should be on the look out for a certain type of cinnamon. 'True Cinnamon' also known as Cinnamomum zeylanicum is the best type to use as it holds the most benefits, especially for skin. 

Mix 2 table spoons of honey with 1 table spoon of cinnamon and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Repeat the mask a few times a week and follow up with a good, natural, skin care routine. 

Oats, Honey and Yoghurt 

This may seem like a little bit of a mishmash but it's actually a great mask that targets a few different problems. All four of these ingredients have different benefits and are all good for different things. 

This mask is great for acne and also is probably one of the best at soothing irritated skin at the same time. The oats and yoghurt nourish the skin as well as soothe it. They're great for reducing swelling and inflammation, something you can do to help even more is use cold ingredients! Refrigerate your yoghurt before using it. Yoghurt also contains lactic acid which can help break down the dead skin cells on your face, leaving you with smoother and healthier skin. It also contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties meaning it's perfect to use on acne! 

Oats provide a lot of nourishment for the skin and can be used to help moisturise and soften skin. They're great for tired skin as they're gentle but can help wake your face up! People often say their skin feels plumper after using on their skin. Oats can reduce and reverse sun damage, pollution damage and damage from chemicals. This is due to the antioxidant values! They're also great for skin conditions such as eczema as they can soothe and hydrate the irritated areas. 

Lemon, Cucumber and Clay 

We've all heard about the amazing benefits of clay for the skin. This mask can settle sebaceous activity, reduce the size of your pores, help with redness and calm inflammation. Mix equal parts of cucumber juice, lemon juice and clay into a bowl. Apply it to a freshly cleansed face and leave for 20-25 minutes. 

Clay is brilliant at cleansing the skin and removing any dirt laying around. It's also known for shrinking pores, tightening, toning, soothing and hydrating. It really is a little miracle ingredient! Clay is widely used in treatments for acne and breakouts as it's gentle but can clear the skin up quickly. 

Cucumber and lemon are fantastic for the skin regardless of whether you're eating them or putting them on your face! Lemon shouldn't ever be applied to the skin pure, you should dilute it down with other ingredients to make it less potent. It's a very strong ingredient that needs to be mixed with other things. Both of these ingredients are amazing for brightening the skin. Tightening pores is another great benefit of using them. They both also provide great hydration so your skin won't dry out while you're treating your acne! 

Turmeric and Yoghurt

We've talked about the amazing benefits of yoghurt above. Pairing it with turmeric can be great for stubborn acne and breakouts. These two work together to reduce inflammation and redness.

Turmeric, applied to acne, can kill off the bacteria causing your breakouts. It also removed excessive oils from the skin meaning your pores won't get so clogged up. Less clogged up pores means fewer breakouts! As well as being an anti-inflammatory turmeric is also an antioxidant which is ideal for treating acne. Yoghurt will help to soothe and hydrate the skin while the turmeric targets and combats acne. Turmeric is also really great at waking your skin up and leaving you with a healthier complexion. This is a great mask for skin that needs a little lift as well as breakouts. 

Mix 2 table spoons of yoghurt with a heaped tablespoon of turmeric to make a paste and apply to a clean, dry face. Leave on for around 30 minutes and wash off with warm water. This mask can be a little more intense on the skin so we'd only recommend doing it twice a week. You can read more about the amazing benefits of turmeric here

Egg Whites and Lemon

We've briefly touched on how lemon can help your skin but how does it really work? Lemon juice is antibacterial and an astringent (causes contractions in skin cells and other body tissues). It's great at unclogging your pores and keeping them free of anything like excess oils, as it can help control them! Lemon juice can be pretty strong so it isn't always a good idea to use it on sensitive skin. Try and stick to using it only once or twice a week if you can. 

Egg whites are full of proteins, amino acids and vitamins which soak up excess oils and help to resurface the skin. They also contain lysozyme, an enzyme which can fight the bacteria that causes acne. This ingredient is great for shrinking pores and can be used as much as you want as it's such a gentle ingredient. Whip up 1 egg white until it's really fluffy and add in your lemon juice. Apply to your face and wait for it to dry down!

You can also use egg whites and tissue as a makeshift pore strip! Whisk up your egg whites and either soak some tissue in them and lay that across your nose or spread the whites across the pores and gently lay the tissue on top. Wait for the tissue to dry completely before peeling the strip off! 

So, there are our top five natural DIY face masks to help keep your acne at bay! Remember, keeping a great skin care routine is essential when you're dealing with skin issues. Adding a mask in two to three times a week can make a huge difference to your skin and going natural is always a great idea. You can find a whole list of natural ingredients we use in our products in this blog post, many of them can work to fight acne too! Calming skin care products are also a great shout, our Rosehip and Chamomile Cream would be great to try. 

Don't be disheartened if some of these masks don't work for you. Skin can be stubborn and what works for one, may not work for another! It's all about finding your perfect products and ingredients! No one's skin is the same. 

Love Peachy Fox Skin Care Writer, Abbie x