The Potent Power of Aloe Vera & Aloe Vera Gel used by the ancient Egyptians

Aloe Vera: An ancient elixir currently in vogue

You may have probably already slathered aloe vera creams on your sunburns. If you have not, then you must know this miracle ingredient is increasingly being used in beauty products. With more and more people discovering the curative properties of this plant, the trend is not really new as it seems to be. Aloe vera has been used as a healing and soothing agent since 2100BC. There is sufficient evidence in the form of Sumerian clay tablets to prove the statement. Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen, who is known for her unparalleled beauty, moisturised her royal skin with Aloe Vera but perhaps not Aloe Vera Gel in those days! two thousand years later. Detailed accounts of the practical usage of aloe extracts to heal wounds have been recorded by Roman physicians. You will find people claiming that aloe extracts have the potential to cure most of the ailments. If you do not believe it, then give it a try! Peachy fox

Aloe vera extracts have been used since ancient times for healing burns and infections. African hunters used the plant extracts for reducing perspiration. There are ancient records of Indians, Africans, Arabs and Egyptians using aloe extracts for reaping the numerous benefits it has to offer. Aloe vera finds a mentioning in the New Testament. Chinese used the succulent for treating several skin conditions. Aloe has high water content of 96 percent. The plant extracts possess several beneficiary properties. You can go for a product containing aloe extracts or purchase gel from stores. The bitter sap of the succulent accelerates the healing process of a wound and lowers inflammation.

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Benefits of using aloe vera gel products

The benefits of using aloe products are a plenty. It speedily heals burns. It can lessen painful effects of shingles and can shrink warts. Battling symptoms of psoriasis? If yes, then aloe vera can seem to be a solution.

Aloe is a miracle cure for many skin woes. It can treat facial edema. Products and cosmetics comprising of aloe vera have become immensely popular. Aloe vera cosmetics are available in the form of soaps, powders, creams, and lotions. Aloe vera enhances the availability of oxygen to the skin and thereby strengthens the tissues of the skin. Aloe lotions are used widely for cleansing skin. Several skin care products consisting of aloe are fortified with collagen and vitamin E and are included in Peachy Foxes Aloe Serum for enhancing the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Aloe can lock moisture into your skin. The combination of SPF factors and anti-burning properties make aloe vera an excellent product for skin care. Here are some benefits that would make you want to stock aloe vera products for the year.     

Possesses potent antibacterial and antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are vital for maintaining optimum skin health. Aloe is loaded with powerful antioxidants called phenols which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microbes that result in infections.

Heals burns

Aloe is the most commonly utilised topical medications. Rub a cream containing aloe onto skin for treating sunburns and sores. Several research studies back the fact that aloe vera gel can be an effective topical treatment for first and second-degree burns. Aloe vera gel can reduce the healing time of burns by nine days in comparison to conventional medications. 

aloe vera gel

Glowing skin

We have all heard of and tried mineral makeup at some or the other point in life. But did you know that aloe comprises of 10 crucial minerals that you skin needs? Aloe vera is rich in chromium, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, potassium and sodium. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to slather your face with aloe vera gel or a good moisturiser comprising of aloe extracts before hitting the couch at night. Who knows you may wake up with a lovely glow on your face in the morning?

Helps with acne 

You now know that aloe vera gel comprises an array of minerals of which zinc is one. Zinc is used in skin care products for treating blemishes. Consuming and applying aloe products prove to be significantly beneficial for treating acne. Zinc reduces sebum that is produced by your skin. It can as well help in healing damaged skin due to scars left by acne.

Prevents wrinkles and improves elasticity of skin

There is preliminary evidence that hint that application of aloe gel can slow down signs of aging. The aloe vera gel boosts up production of collagen and improves the elasticity of skin within 90 days. It as well reduces redness of the skin. Do not forget to use a product for a period of 30 days or more to experience visible results. You need to remember that nothing happens overnight. You need to be consistent in the application or in whatever you do to reap the benefits.   

Promotes hair growth

Aloe extracts was used by Egyptians for treating hair loss. As per researchers at the University of Hawaii, aloe is rich in enzymes that are associated directly with hair growth. The proteolytic enzymes are capable of eradication dead skin cells present on the scalp that may be clogging a hair follicle. Conditions that occur due to the accumulation of sebum on the scalp can be treated with regular application of aloe vera gel. Aloe breaks down dead scalp cells and sebum thereby promoting hair growth to occur. The alkalising properties of aloe can restore the natural pH of the scalp and hence propel natural growth to occur. Purchase a shampoo rich in aloe extracts if you have a desire to flaunt luscious locks.    

Alleviates itching

Aloe possesses antipruritic properties which can alleviate dryness and itching. Pruritus ailments include eczema, psoriasis, and vexing skin. Make use of products consisting of aloe if you feel itchiness while applying hair color. Aloe is known to reduce inflammation both externally and internally. An analgesic anti-inflammatory enzyme present in aloe is responsible for this calming property.    

Reduces dandruff

As aloe results in the enzymatic breakdown of dead skin cells, it can be used for effective treatment of dandruff. Many doctors believe that fat-eating fungus which lives on the scalp can be the cause of dandruff. Luckily, aloe possesses anti-fungal properties in addition to breaking down dead skin cells. Fungus thrives in an acidic environment. However, aloe alkalizes the scalp environment thereby disallowing the buildup. You can use shampoos that have been formulated with aloe extracts.     

Conditions scalp and hair 

Aloe can prove to be a great conditioning agent. Aloe gel has a similar composition to that of keratin which is a naturally occurring protein within the scalp cells. This similarity in structure permits easier penetration along the hair shaft. Lignin found in aloe can also be credited for their penetration power. Aloe can be absorbed seven layers deep into the skin and this has been proven scientifically. This is the deepest something can be absorbed into the skin and this is the reason why it is so effective.  As scalps have the tendency to absorb more than skin, the conditioning effects of aloe cannot be doubted. The presence of 20 amino acids imparts luster and strength to the hair. If you are into regular styling, then you must purchase aloe or products containing them to reap the benefits.   

Heals cold sores

Aloe has a soothing effect when it is applied to a cold sore for a couple of times in a day. It is safe to use products comprising of aloe extracts as it speeds up the healing process. The anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties reduce pain and accelerate the healing process. Vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C and amino acids prove to be beneficial as this ease the pain. These as well stimulate the production of antibodies which strengthens our immune system. 

Sunburn treatment

Aloe can treat sunburns owing to its powerful healing activities. It can treat epithetical level of the skin quickly which is the layer that covers the body. It serves as a protective layer on the skin and as well as replenishes moisture. The skin heals at a quicker pace owing to its antioxidant properties. Make sure to stock creams rich in aloe before hitting the beach this summer.   

Excellent moisturiser

Aloe moisturises the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling as if you have slathered grease all over your face. It is ideal for people with an oily skin. Aloe serves as a great moisturiser to women who use mineral makeup. This will prevent the drying of skin later. Men can use aloe moisturisers as an aftershave treatment because of its potent healing properties. Let aloe vera heal and soothe the minor cuts caused by your razor. 

Lessens the visibility of stretch marks

Lemme be honest! Stretch marks are not something that women find proud to flaunt on their skin. Imagine your skin to be a big stretch of elastic material that expands and contracts. If the skin stretches too far during weight gain or loss and during pregnancy, then the elasticity of the skin suffers badly. This leaves unsightly stretch marks on the skin which is hard to treat. We all know that stretch marks can only be lightened. To speed up the process, include aloe in your skin care regimen. The marks caused due to minor tears in the layers of skin can heal upon application of aloe gel.   

Treats hyperpigmentation

A gentle and effective way of treating hyperpigmentation is to use an aloe vera gel based cream. This magical plant works wonders on hyperpigmentation by encouraging the regeneration of new cells. Old cells get tapered off when new skin cells are formed thereby clearing unsightly dark spots. The cleansing and moisturizing properties of aloe leave your skin looking rejuvenated and refreshed. People prone to hyperpigmentation should make it a point to stock aloe products. This will prevent any spots from showing up in future and would as well clear up the existing patches upon regular usage.     

Excellent skincare ingredient 

Aloe vera comprises of over 75 different nutrients including enzymes, sugars, minerals, vitamins, phenolic compounds, amino acids, salicylic acid, lignin, and saponins. This is the reason why you need to include this in your regimen. It will keep eruptions at bay and at the same time promote the overall health of your skin.

Researchers claim that aloe has numerous properties. Egyptian queen swore by it. Roman physicist listed the benefits of this prickly green shrub.

As you can see Aloe vera is a powerful ingredient and is used in many of our products at Peachy Fox, see our products with Aloe vera >> here