The Perfect Morning Skincare Routine

Are you someone who takes pride in your two, completely different, 30 minutes, intense skin care routines every day? Or someone who just throws a little moisturiser on and runs out the door after? 

Our skin has a funny little way of telling us what it needs. Breakouts, dry and flaking skin, rashes and reactions, our skin is always doing something we don't want it to do!

Believe it or not, our skin needs different ingredients at different times of the day. Our morning and evening skin care routines should be different and include a few different products to each other. Not only does the skin need different ingredients at different times but different ingredients to prep for things like makeup application and then sleep! Today, I'm going to take you through some steps you should be adding into your morning skin care routine. This will help you set your skin up for the day, prep it for makeup and ensure it can take on whatever life throws at it! 

Top Tip

You don't want to apply anything too heavy in the morning. Especially if you're going to be wearing makeup or have combination to oily skin. The thicker and heavier the skin care the more likely you are to go oily throughout the day. Obviously, when wearing makeup, that's not what we want! 

Start with a Fresh Face

Morning is the best time to exfoliate as it leaves you with a fresh, smooth base for the rest of your skincare and makeup. Using a natural exfoliant can help to get rid of your dead skin cells, especially great if you’ve got dry, flaky skin! It helps boost circulation and blood flow as well as cleaning out pores and getting rid of blackheads. Exfoliating your skin in the morning will leave you glowing and is an essential preparation for the rest of your skincare

Don’t exfoliate every single day as this could damage the skin, especially if you’re using a coarse product! 3-4 times a week is perfect. On the days where you aren’t using an exfoliant, opt for a gentle and natural cleanser to freshen your face up and remove any dirt. 

Eye Cream or Gel

Your eyes are one of the most delicate places on your face, the skin is extremely thin and susceptible to signs of ageing. Including an eye gel into your routine can help prevent ageing and improve dark circles, sagging skin can puffiness. Of course in the morning you definitely don’t want a heavy cream as it wouldn’t sink in nicely, especially under foundation and concealer. We recommend and eye gel as it’s lighter. You can read about ours here! So many people forget to take care of the skin under their eyes but this is one of the first areas of our faces that shows signs of ageing! Make sure you’re looking after the delicate skin day and night. Apply products gently and avoid tugging as it could damage the skin in the future. 


Yes! You need your SPF throughout the whole year. SPF protects our skin from the sun's UV rays which can be extremely damaging to us. Although we may not have the sun all year round, there are still UV rays beaming down as the sun never stops burning! It’s a great idea to wear a facial SPF underneath your moisturiser and makeup. You can even get moisturisers with SPF already in them, time saver and cost effective! You can read more about why you should wear an SPF daily on your face here. It’s a super important step so don’t miss it out. 

Light Serum or Oil

Serums are such a great step in your skincare routine. The benefits are endless. The thing is, you really can get a serum for anything nowadays! Serums are mainly used for anti-ageing benefits as they can be packed full of ingredients that boost collagen and help reduce wrinkles. You can also get brightening serums to help with the complexion of the skin and glow which is great for tired and dull skin. If you’re not really into serums or spending a lot of money, a light facial oil is a perfect replacement. We’ve previously written about all the benefits of lots of natural oils we put into our products, you can read about them here!

Some people may not need the extra hydration under their moisturiser but some people swear by it. If you have dry or dehydrated skin then this option is definitely a winner! Just make sure you’re choosing an oil or serum, that is extremely lightweight and soaks in easily. You don’t want to use anything that is going to stay slippery or tacky on the skin. If you have oily skin then skip this step and move on to moisturiser, facial oils are better used at night if you get oily throughout the day! 


One of the most important and essential steps of any skincare routine, no matter what the time of day is, is a moisturiser. A lot of people who have oily skin believe moisturising will make it worse. The truth is, we all need to moisturise no matter what type of skin we have. Many people have oily skin because their skin is dehydrated so using moisturiser and even oils can help them! 

There’s nothing worse than having dry skin and feeling uncomfortable and tight. Nourish your skin by locking in moisture and prepping it for the day. As mentioned above, you can even get moisturisers with SPF in them already! A Super handy 2-in-1 timesaver. Moisturising is an essential step for makeup application preparation. You should leave your moisturiser to skin in for at least 5-10 minutes before you apply your makeup, this helps it sit better! 

As always we’d suggest a natural, skin-loving moisturiser so you don’t have to worry about reactions or irritation. Try our Collagen Retinol Moisturiser, it’s packed with amazing ingredients such as vitamin A and E, marine collagen, argan oil and even shea butter! 

Facial Spray

A facial spritz a day keeps the doctor away! Ok, we’re not quite sure that’s true but they’re definitely all the rage at the moment. You can get facial sprays packed with nourishing ingredients that help to hydrate your skin. The best thing about them is the fact you can use the at any time! Before, during and after makeup to wake your skin up a little bit. If you’re someone who needs a bit of extra hydration then these are a perfect option for you! You can even make your own natural facial spray by buying a spritzer bottle and filling it with three-quarters water and adding your favourite natural ingredients. Popular choices tend to include rosewater, aloe vera, green tea extract and even chamomile. These are so refreshing and perfect for a little summer pick me up. 

The benefits of using a facial spray differ depending on which ingredients you pack into them but we’re sure you’ll love using them whatever they consist of. 

Lip Scrub & Balm

Your lips are part of your face! So don’t leave them out and definitely don’t waste a tonne of money on expensive lip scrubs… Make your own! Add a little sugar to a little bit of oil, whatever oil you prefer is fine! Scrub away for a few minutes and then add some natural lip balm, preferably with SPF, to prep your lips for the day. This is definitely an essential step if you’re going to be wearing lipstick all day! Carrying a lip balm around in your bag during the day can help you avoid dryness so make sure you’ve packed one! Sun damage is one of the biggest culprits for chapped, dry lips as it dehydrates the skin. For extra care invest in a lip balm that has a higher SPF to protect your lips. We can promise you, sunburned lips are not something you want to be dealing with! 

We understand everyone wants a quick, simple morning routine as you have to rush around! Don’t worry, although this seems like a lot of steps, it will only take you minutes. Don’t neglect your skin and listen to what it needs. The morning is your opportunity to prepare and protect your skin for the day ahead. Skin gets tired, just like us! It’s important to understand that we need to use different products day and night to nourish and renew our skin and, of course, to look and feel our best! 



Love Abigail, Peachy Fox Skincare Writer x