The Miracle like Benefits of Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is fricking amazing...

Childhood is awesome, isn’t it? We have so much to reminisce about the golden years of our life that we spent carefree under the sun. There was something mesmerizing about the stress-free days that makes me feel very nostalgic.

I met a couple of friends over a cup of coffee recently. It felt damn great catching up after a long time... We share the same memories of childhood as we grew up together. But something stood out this time to make it quite memorable meet.

Meeting Jane, who was my best buddy during school days was something that I was looking forward to. She really has changed over the years! It had been ten long years since I last saw her. Social networking sites are the only sources for the communication between me and her due to our distance apart. I must say she looks gorgeous these days. I couldn’t help but pondering whether cosmetics had any role to play in this… That being said, it was hard to believe as she looked very natural.

Jane had a this sparkling healthy glow over her face and for the life of me I could not refrain from asking her. Her long wavy tresses and that healthy glow on the face left me enchanted and curious. She barely cared for her skin while at school. She was in a basketball team at school and was never someone to care about their looks. She was certainly not the ‘good looking one’ - listen to me sounding all bitchy ha ha!  Her metamorphosis is kind of awesome to be honest.

Upon insisting, she shared her secret with me. She attributed the magical transformation to her grandma who encouraged her to use jojoba oil. Her grandma was the most elegant woman in the town. She had an air of sophistication in her. I Hope my grandma is not reading this post. I truly admire her. Jane religiously followed the use of jojoba oil for tackling her skin care woes as per the instructions provided by her grandma which clearly led her inheriting the same healthy looks of her gorgeous grandmother.

I came back home to do some research about the miracle oil, (used in nearly all of Peachy Fox products) jojoba that Jane was speaking about and demonstrating quite effortlessly with her glow.

I must say that there is a plethora of benefits with this oil and it is hard to sum them up in a single blog post. It is used in various products such as moisturizers and treatment packs for obvious reasons. See Peachy Fox products.  

I will still try to convey the most important ones. I am probably an info maniac and I also have this urge to share. Here I am sharing the reasons that make jojoba oil fricking amazing.

You would be amazed to know that jojoba oil is a liquid wax that is extracted from an indigenous American shrub referred to as Simmondsia Chinensis. The plant does not have anything to do with China though. This shrub grows wild in the United States and can be found in the arid regions. The nut was used by the Native American tribes who used a paste of the nut for their hair and skin care. The nut was also used as a survival food during emergencies. The nut is also referred to as pignut, goat nut and deer nut as both nuts and leaves are consumed by many animals. The wax that comprises of 50 percent of the nut is indigestible. It remains unchanged after passing through the digestive tract of mammals, including us making this an effective laxative.

The benefits that I found during my research lured me into purchasing the oil and several other products that utilized the oil. What is the point in researching and not experimenting? Here I am sharing my experience with all of you. Do lemme know what you feel about this product that is being claimed to be incredible.

The oil is unique, unlike vegetable oils as it closely resembles sebum which is a waxy substance produced by the glands in our skin. It serves as a natural conditioner. Jojoba oil has managed to replace animal fats in the manufacture of creams and skin lotions. The oil rose in popularity when there was a massive opposition to the use of whale oil in several cosmetic preparations.  

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a clear golden liquid, although it is not as expensive as the shiny, precious metal that womankind is fond of. This does not imply that the oil does not qualify to shine. It has a slightly nutty smell which negates the need for use of any additional aromatic substance while using this oil. It serves as great carrier oil and those who are into using essential oils must be aware of this.

As jojoba wax has a slightly low melting point, it remains in the liquid state all the time. It can be used without any kind of dilution. The best part about this oil it will not leave you appearing greasy whether you use it on your face or on your skin. It assures that you would remain free from mess while using it in your everyday life. Still wondering whether you should stock up this versatile oil? Read further and you would in all probability want to change your mind.   

Include in your skin and hair care regimen for it shall not disappoint!

Jojoba oil is used widely in hair and skin care regimen by many gorgeous beauties out there in the world no matter what their age is. Who says beauty is bound to age? It is ageless and powerful. The oil imparts smooth and soft texture to your hair and skin as the constituents have an outstanding resemblance to that of natural sebum produced by our skin. It serves as a great moisturizer and should, therefore, be stocked by individuals who are tired of bathing in useless toxic paraffin-rich moisturizers every now and then. Despite being oil, it does not block the pores of your skin and renders your skin supple.

Wonder oil for dry skin

The benefits of Jojoba oil cannot be just reaped by those with dry skin. It is safe for use on all skin types. It is basically a boon by Mother Nature, which can be used without any form of indiscrimination. It restores the natural oil balance of your skin. You do not have to fret if you have a sensitive skin that is prone to eruptions. You can still use jojoba oil as it is hypoallergenic in nature. It is rich in vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant. Vitamin E is known for preventing the onset of wrinkles. Just apply drops of oil mixed with your regular moisturizer on your skin to reap the benefits like Jane.

One of the best natural moisturizers

The application of Jojoba oil is not just limited to the face but can be applied to your entire body. It can absorb easily into the skin, unlike many moisturizers present on the shelves of the supermarket that our skin fails to absorb. After all, our body understands what is natural and can be taken in. There is no point forcing toxins which serve no purpose and age you quicker than you wish to.

Exceptional hydrating properties

Jojoba oil has a hydrating effect on our skin. The absorption of oil into the skin promotes the flow of blood which in turn imparts a glowing skin. Jojoba oil possesses excellent cleansing properties. It can be used for the removal of facial makeup. Just soak a cotton ball in the oil and rub all over your lips and face in a gentle manner. The oil will dissolve all the makeup in no time and at the same time will moisturize and nourish your skin. Isn’t it amazing?


Jojoba oil

Frizz, be gone!

Those fed up of frizzy, dull hair and who have been waiting for a miraculous product being invented by the scientific world can now relax. Nature certainly has a solution to all the ailments present in the world, which is the reason why it has offered Jojoba oil to the mankind to benefit from. The oil can be used as both hair conditioner and as hair oil. It moisturizes the scalp and offers protection against dandruff. It works to strengthen the roots of your hair.

You may not turn into a Rapunzel after single application, but you would certainly notice a reduction in hair fall to a greater extent. Pour a few drops into your conditioner after shampooing your hair and apply it to your hair in a generous manner. Rinse thoroughly and let it work. You can as well apply the oil directly on your damp hair if you desire silky and thick locks.   

Combats skin inflammation

Jojoba oil can lower skin inflammation by killing skin bacteria. This is the reason why it is used in the treatment of acne. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil can be put to good use for treatment of various skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. The oil has an amazing healing effect on the skin and can be used in the treatment of warts, canker sores, cold sores, sunburns and minor infections.  

Bid goodbye to acne!

You must be thinking that I have lost it. Seriously for treating Acne when there is already excess oil? There must be something wrong with me, right? No. I'm not kidding either. Research studies prove that jojoba oil is very effective in treating acne and associated scarring. Jojoba oil is not any other regular oil. It has to be pictured in a very different manner. It is one of the safest ingredients that you can put on your skin. The catch here is that the oil has the same components as that of the sebum produced by our skin. This tricks your body into believing that it already has an excess of sebum and thereby stop producing more sebum. This balances the oil on your facial skin. Oily skin is more prone to develop acne. Hence reducing the sebum produced by the glands automatically works in your favor. Whoever suggested this was indeed a genius! We just simply follow the cosmetic industry with blind faith that we fail to understand the logic behind how and why things work. This is one of many reasons why Peachy Fox find this ingredient so effective. 

Looking for effective wrinkle treatment?

We all now know that Jojoba oil is great for facial skin. However, women fighting signs of aging would be delighted to know jojoba has some real hope to offer to them. Ditch the ugly, expensive and harmful Botox session today and do yourself a favor by purchasing a bottle of jojoba oil.

You will come back and thank me and Jane someday for this.

The applications of the oil do not end here. It can be used as a lip balm on chapped, dry lips. This is why the beauty industry has started tapping the potential of jojoba oil in the products that they produce on a massive scale for the masses. Do not forget the fact that they may as well laden with chemicals that have been proven to be toxic.

Jojoba oil is used as a plasticizer which enhances the flexibility of the plastic materials. It is as well used in the production of detergents and fire retardants. It possesses fungicidal properties and can be used to control the growth of mildew in plants. It also serves as a mechanical lubricant owing to its viscous consistency. The oil serves numerous applications and has a role to play in various segments. It is indeed a great offering by Mother Nature. Do share your experiences with me. I am sure you are bound to benefit just like Jane and her grandmother did. I shall continue to use the product as I feel great about it. I am sure you must be excited to try the product. So, indulge in some experimentation and keep me updated with the results.

See you soon Peachy Foxes, Love Sammy B xxx