The Best Skin-Soothing Natural Remedies

Our skin can get a little irritated from time to time.

Maybe you're stressed and it's showing through breakouts? Perhaps you've taken a long flight, been away in a hot country or even just spend a lot of time in air-conditioned facilities. All of these things can take their toll on your skin. Sometimes we need a soothing skin care routine to whip our skin back into shape as well as relieving any nasty symptoms we may have.

Of course, irritated skin doesn't just have to be on your face! Often we find ourselves neglecting the skin covering our bodies. A lot of people suffer from dryness or eczema which can, over time, lead to irritable skin. Not to mention, it's very uncomfortable! Here are a few natural remedies to soothe your skin and get you back to normal as quick as possible! 

Soothing Oat Mask 

Oats are amazing for soothing the skin. They boast a lot of benefits including the healing of acne, soothing or dry skin and soothing of eczema. Combining oats with a few other ingredients that help soothe and lift the skin can really give your face the boost that it needs!

You'll need:

  1. 2 Table spoons of oats.
  2. 2 Table spoons of hot (not boiling) water. 
  3. 1 Table spoon of natural yoghurt.
  4. 1/2 Table spoon of honey. 

Not only do the oats soothe your skin but the yoghurt works to reduce inflammation as well as calm redness and swelling. The honey works as a great binder in the mixture for texture but is also well known for helping with acne and brightening the skin. Many people choose to use this face mask as regularly as three times a week. This mask will leave your skin feeling hydrated and super soft. Beats spending copious amounts of money on shop bought face masks!

Oat Bath

As mentioned above, oats really do hold a lot of great skin benefits. Soaking in an oat bath can be pivotal for eczema and other irritating skin conditions. It's great to do it your skin is feeling a little dry and lifeless, a great one for winter! All you need to do is add about 3 cups of oats to the bottom of your bath and then fill it with hot water. The oats will continue to soothe your skin for as long as you're in the bath. You can scoop the oats up from the bottom and use them as a gentle exfoliator for the body too, it works great! We know this may be a little messy but trust me, it's worth it! Follow up with a little coconut oil as a natural moisturiser to lock in the goodness! You can repeat this as many times as you like in a week but for hygiene reasons make sure you throw the oats out and don't reuse them after!

Facial Spray

Carrying a facial spray around in your bag while you're on the go can be a really great idea and they're very easy to make. Get yourself a little spray bottle, or a big one, whichever size you prefer. You could even get a big bottle for at home and a small spritzer bottle for on the go! Then it's time to choose your ingredients. For a soothing facial spray, you want to fill the bottle 3/4 with water then add in a little aloe vera, a dash of rose water, cucumber extract and chamomile extract. All these ingredients will help to soothe throughout the day as well as give you a much-needed boost of hydration. The best thing about making your own facial spritz is being able to choose exactly what you need in there. 

You can use face sprays before, during and after makeup. As long as you don't have any oily products in there, your makeup won't move! Play around with ideas of concoctions and see what you prefer. A few more ingredients people enjoy are green tea, witch hazel, vitamin E, vitamin C and coconut water. Another great idea is to make one for day time and one for night time. In your evening facial spray, you could include essential oils as you don't have to worry about them moving your makeup! 

Soothing Facial Oils

Often when skin is irritated it can also become dry, flaky and a nightmare to deal with. Keeping your skin hydrated should be at the top of your to-do list! After your skin care routine, apply some soothing facial oils to hydrate and calm your skin. Oils have been proven to work best for dry skin, especially when it's becoming flaky. Face and body oils can work quickly to lock in your bodies moisture and protect it from becoming drier. 

Coconut oil is great for the body, especially after a bath or shower. Vitamin E oil is extremely healing and great at moisturising the skin whether it's your face or body! Jojoba oil is a well-known oil for using when your skin isn't its best. Jojoba oil is more frequently used on the face, it's calming and soothing as well as healing. It has been proven to help acne, lift scarring and pigmentation and provide relief to dry skin. This particular oil is often used in lotions for the face and body as it's extremely well-known for being fantastic for the skin! 

You can use oils as often as you need but many people prefer to stick to them in their evening regimen. If you have particularly dry skin you may want to apply a facial oil morning and night as your skin can become drier throughout the day. Oils shouldn't just be a special treat for your face and body! Try and incorporate them into everyday skin care routines as they will help protect your skin from harsh environments. 

Milk and Honey Bath Soak


I'm sure everyone's heard of royalty bathing in milk and honey but never tried it themselves! This bath is actually extremely soothing and nourishing for your skin. It's a fantastic way to make your skin softer and more supple. It's soothing, hydrating and just all-around great for your skin! 

Start by running a nice warm bath. Add in 3 cups of milk and 1 cup of honey. Make sure you swirl the bath around to make sure it's all dissolved! The longer you stay in the bath the more time the milk and honey have to work their magic! To maximise benefits, use a gentle exfoliator while bathing as this will rid you of any dead skin cells and allow the milk and honey to hydrate and soften more! 

You should also take the time to relax in the bath. Our skin shows when we're stressed! So, take an hour to yourself and wind down. Enjoy!

Natural Soothing Body Lotion

Not everyone has the time to sit around making their own body lotion, we understand! However, you can keep the lotion for quite a while and just use it on occasions you feel your skin needs a little extra love. So, if you have 30 minutes spare, why not try making your own completely natural lotion?

You'll need:

  1. Beeswax 
  2. Shea Butter
  3. Almond Oil
  4. Vitamin E Oil
  5. Essential Oil - any you like the scent of!

Melt the beeswax, shea butter and almond oil gently while stirring. Remove it from the heat and put it into your container of choice then add your vitamin E oil and essential oils. Let it cool and then you're good to go! The benefits of using an all natural body moisturiser are endless, especially when you have irritated skin! You don't have to worry about any chemicals making your irritation worse and all of these ingredients are incredibly soothing. Not to mention, you'll be very impressed with yourself once you're done! You can check out even more natural recipes for skin soothing goodness here! 

When you need a fix for your skin, natural is always better! Your skin will love you more and more when you start to incorporate these sorts of ingredients into your skin care. If you have irritated skin, make sure to treat it fast! No one likes feeling uncomfortable and there are always ways to help! At Peachy Fox, we believe natural ingredients are always better, which is why our products are full of them and free of any nasties!

Love Peachy Fox Skin Care Writer, Abbie x