The Benefits of Collagen in eye cream

How Collagen Helps Make an Eye Cream Effective?

You have probably heard many claims from manufacturers that their eye creams erase or reduce signs of ageing. They have lured you into making purchases by marketing their products as dark circle banisher or as the most effective remedy for fighting wrinkles around your eyes. You have probably lined up expensive eye creams on your dresser until now but have not reaped any benefits.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why nothing from your luxe collection has worked until now? There is science behind everything that works and why it works. You have probably never wondered what the delicate regions around your eyes have been demanding from you. The miraculous answer to all your woes and the missing ingredient from most of your formulae is Collagen.

Collagen: The Missing Puzzle 

As you age, wrinkles and fine lines start showing up right around your eyes. Moreover, Sun damage makes you more vulnerable and triggers the loss of collagen as you tend to age. Collagen is a crucial ingredient for maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Peptides, Retinol and Vitamin C are known for boosting collagen production when creams rich in these antioxidants are regularly applied on the delicate skin around the eyes in combination with moisturisers.

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Collagen is an essential part of any well-balanced skincare regimen. It fortifies the skin with essential proteins that are needed for the skin around the eyes to remain supple and plump. Thus, Collagen creams make your entire regimen complete and guarantees enhanced elasticity but with regular usage.     

Hence, Collagen is an essential part of the skin matrix without which your skin can sag. The effectiveness of any product depends on how much are you introducing it into your body. Having collagen in eye creams can dramatically enhance the benefits of any product that you are using