Rosehip oil - The secret to Calm skin?

Rose Hip - The Wonder Ingredient for Calm Skin

Rosehip - The Wonder Ingredient for Calm Skin


Can you tell me what do Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Duchess of Cambridge have in common? Any guesses yet? As per reports, these gorgeous ladies have been stocking rosehip oil for the beauty benefits it can offer. No wonder, these beauties have been unabashedly flaunting their makeup-free selfies on their social media handle and have not shied away from giving the good-old rose oil the credit that it deserves.


I never imagined that I would use something made from other than the ‘holy’ coconut oil that I have been religiously using since childhood. I was not open to experimentation until I became aware of the fact that there is no substitute for the wonderful offerings of nature. The products made from Rosehip oil give stiff competition to coconut oil for the benefits that it has to offer. Ps Check out our post what does Rosehip oil smell like 


Guess what I came across while researching about products made with Rosehip oil on Google? Native Americans and ancient Egyptians used rosehips as a remedy for its amazing healing properties. Could it have been a hidden ingredient in Cleopatra’s beauty regimen which everybody has been trying to decode for ages? You never know what you'll find.


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I decided to give Rosehip oil a try out of sheer curiosity. Whoah! It has phenomenal benefits to offer. See Peachy Fox Products 


When actors and supermodels have been using this miraculous oil for its clarifying and rejuvenating benefits, then why should YOU hold back? If you are not aware of what Rosehip oil is and from where does it come, then keep reading this article and by the end of it, you will feel as enlightened as I was after my research about this expedient oil.


What is Rosehip oil?


Don’t tell me that at this point ‘that’ you are wondering whether roses have hips or not! Let’s not waver from this topic. Kim Kardashian wouldn’t mind if she had competition from a cluster of seed pods. Anyway, we don’t get to see rose seed pods anymore. This is because the rose blossoms get pruned give early for encouraging more flower growth. If you have a garden of your own, then leave the spent flowers on the bush at the end of the season to spot berry-sized seed ball on the stem tips.  


There is a hell lot of difference between rosehip oil and rose essential oil. Rosehip oil comes from the hips and not from the petals. The Duchess of Cambridge and a mother of two is a fan of the hip oil and not the rose essential oil. Mind it! The oil doesn’t exude a rose fragrance. It features a woody scent. The color ranges from a golden hue to rich red color. It can be clear yellow in color based on the processing method used. The reddish or golden oil is cold-pressed and lighter ones are processed heavily or have been obtained from a substandard source.

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What is so great about this Rosehip Oil?  


Rosehip oil is absorbable oil, which has established that it holds the potential to be good for both scalp and the peel. It is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is known to promote a healthy life cycle of skin cells. It is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s time to say goodbye to scorched skin! Rosehip oil works as an amazing ingredient to calm skin. 


The healing properties of the Rosehip oil can be attributed to its chemical structure. It is rich in essential fatty acids, which are responsible for tissue regeneration and cellular membrane. Rosehip oil comprises a blend of bioactive ingredients that can prove to be beneficial to ward off the signs of anti-aging. It’s no wonder that Gwyneth Paltrow still dazzles at 43! The high vitamin C content can treat dark spots. It illuminates, nourishes and hydrates your skin. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true?


Benefits of Rosehip oil


  •   Anti-aging properties


Rosehip oil offers significant anti-aging benefits. It is non-greasy and super light and has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin. The rich vitamin A and C content stimulates collagen production. Vitamin A has small molecules and which enables deeper penetration into the skin. It enhances the moisture level in the skin, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to avoid Botox and harmful chemicals, then purchase rosehip oil today! Who would want to look as scary as Donatella Versace if something went wrong? I would rather trust Rosehip oil which is a safer alternative to repair the surface of the skin and to restore elasticity.

  •   Fades age spots


Science hasn’t come up with a magical cure for fading age spots instantly, but we still do have rosehip oil, which can prevent damage to the skin from harmful UV rays. Worried about sun exposure? Throw over-sized hats away and say yes to Rosehip oil. The antioxidants combat the free radicals which result in damage. Vitamin C counteracts any damage and deeply moisturizes your skin. The vitamin A oil in combination with essential fatty acids improves the texture and even out skin tone. Say adieu to pigmentation with Rosehip oil!

  •   Fights acne scarring and eczema


Tired of fighting scars? Rosehip oil is a boon to all those battling the effects of eczema and scars. The oil promotes skin regeneration. Essential fatty acids serve as an emollient which enhances the flexibility and permeability of skin and encourages it to repair itself. Essential fatty acids reduce the itchiness caused due to dry scalp.

  • Boosts immunity


As Rosehip oil is one of the best sources of vitamin C, it helps in boosting the immunity and in treating infections. Vitamin C boosts the collagen production in the body which is a vital component of muscles and bones. Vitamin C further propels the absorption of iron that is responsible for the production of red blood cells. Now it makes sense as to why Rosehip oil was made into syrup and was retained in Britain during the time of the war. This ensured the resistance to infection.

  •   Is beneficial for people with osteoarthritis


As per a research conducted at the University of Maryland, Rosehip tea can prove to be beneficial in reducing inflammation within the body. People suffering from the osteoarthritis can greatly benefit by having a cup of Rosehip tea on a regular basis. As per a research report, people who were given rosehips regularly experienced positive outcomes in comparison to those who didn’t. The therapy with rosehips improved hip flexion. Various participants in the study reported lesser pain than those who weren’t given Rosehip treatment.

Tips on using Rosehip oil

  •   Rosehip oil can become rancid easily. It is essential to take care of it during usage. The shelf life can be increased with the addition of vitamin E.
  •   Store it in a cool, dark location for preventing rancidity. You can as well store it in your refrigerator.
  •   Cold-pressed Rosehip oil is the best as it hasn’t sustained any harm due to high temperature.
  •   Rosehip oil absorbs quickly into the skin and can be applied directly to the face in a gentle manner. You can as well purchase products containing Rosehip oil
  •   Never apply it on an active acne despite its power to reduce and prevent acne
  •   Make certain to test your skin if it’s oily to know whether it would clog your pores or not. You would surely not want to invite unwanted flare-ups right?

How is Rosehip oil made?

Cold pressing is employed for making high-quality Rosehip oil. It utilizes a screw-driven machine or a press for extracting the oil. This process preserves the essential fatty acids and potent antioxidants. Chemical extraction processes may reduce the content of beneficial ingredients. Cold pressed oil is rich in nutrients and free from solvent. As I have already mentioned, color can help in gauging the quality of your oil. This will help you be certain that you are applying a product that has been processed without chemicals.  


Does Rosehip oil actually work?


When the result is actually showing on pretty faces of Hollywood, it would be hard to doubt the benefits of Rosehip oil. Vitamin A serves as an astringent which tightens your skin and washes off the impurities thereby imparting it a youthful aspect. The essential fatty acids bind the skin cells together for a taut appearance. Make sure to apply it topically in the form of a conditioner, facial moisturiser or a a massage oil.  

Make sure to rub down the oil well into the skin, though it gets taken up readily. This oil is lighter than mineral oils and features ultra-fine consistency. Hence, you would not have to struggle with getting it absorbed into your skin. It will hydrate your skin almost instantly. Make sure to do a patch test to know if the oil would suit your skin or not. Just massage a drop on your arm to check if there is any allergic reaction. If you are using the oil directly, then I recommend diluting it with safe carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil before applying to your skin. This must be done by those with a highly sensitive skin. Following the above-mentioned steps would certainly show the effects that you have been hoping for. You wouldn’t transform into Miranda Kerr overnight, but you will certainly have a radiant, smooth skin worth flaunting on your social media accounts. Let those envious girls keep guessing about your glowing skin….. Wink.

Rosehip oil beauty regimen


This oil should be applied to a damp skin after thorough cleansing. For best results, you can apply the oil regularly both in the morning and evening. You just need to take a few drops as the oil would not leave a residue behind on your skin. You can apply a moisturizer over the top for maintaining optimum skin health. Clinical studies have proven that first time users experienced improvement in their concerns and skin texture within three to six months. So make sure to be patient! It rewards richly over time. See Peachy Fox products that include this wonderful ingredient.

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Is it safe to use Rosehip oil?  


Yes! This oil is safe to use as long as you are using it in moderation and not overdosing. Dilute it in the case of acne or scars. Make sure to stick to the advice that I have given. Make sure not to ingest the oil without seeking the advice from a qualified aromatherapist or your physician. Although the oil has been known to help with prevention of stretch marks, my advice to pregnant and breastfeeding women is that the oil only after seeking approval from your doctor. Some Rosehip oils have a fishy smell instead of wood. This may induce vomiting in pregnant women. Another word of caution is that refrain from using this oil on young children. They may be sensitive and hence do not use on them without prior consultation from the experts.

Are there any side effects of Rosehip oil?


Rosehip oil must be used with caution as it is rich in vitamin C. The content may not be safe for diabetic people. It promotes the absorption of iron and hence may have a negative impact on people with hemochromatosis or anemia. The oil may result in allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin if it is used without dilution.

Go ahead and try out this amazing offering from Mother Nature! It shall certainly show results if you stick to all the vital steps that I have mentioned in this article. Do lemme know if you have any queries or have amazing results to share!