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More and more of us are becoming much more environmentally conscious.

This means we think before we act, and we perhaps look more towards organic products, compared to those which are ‘regularly’ manufactured. Looking after the planet extends to much more than that, however, and it’s about so much more than making sure that you put the right bottles in the right recycling bin.


Do you give much thought to where your beauty products come from? (If you do, Share this post.)


Unfortunately, throughout history, and even still today, there are many products within the beauty industry which are developed via testing on animals. This means that the products are used on an animal, be it a rat, mouse, or some other small and furry creature that doesn’t deserve such treatment, and they are watched to see what happens, i.e. whether an adverse reaction occurs. A lot of time, these products are undergoing their first lot of testing at this stage, so there is no clue what is going to happen. Unfortunately, this means that countless animals are harmed or even killed during this research stage.


We are becoming more and more conscious of cruelty-free products, and here at Peachy Fox, we certainly deserve the title of a cruelty-free skincare brand. Not one single product of ours has been anywhere near a helpless animal, so not only do you get fantastic results, but you also get to keep your conscious clear too.


This next section is not going to be for the faint-hearted, but in terms of the beauty industry, a lot of testing on animals can be rather grizzly, to say the least. Whilst testing on animals isn’t only in this particular niche and is often also used in medical testing too, beauty products are quite controversial because it is basically for vanity. Products are tested for irritancy, be it to the eyes or the skin, as well as to test how the products react to certain lights. As you can imagine, this is especially harmful to animals.


Thankfully, the world is catching on to this rather barbaric way of testing products before they reach our High Street shelves or the online world, and animal testing is no illegal in certain countries, such as India, Israel, Norway, and in the countries within the European Union. Despite this, some animal testing does still occur within many other countries and is always being lobbied by activists and some Government officials. Will it ever be totally banned? Here’s hoping.


You will be able to tell whether a product is cruelty-free by the logo which these products carry – this is a picture of a leaping bunny rabbit, and any product which isn’t tested on animals will show this.


Is it All About Balance?


In order to deliver a truly balanced view of the subject, we do need to show all sides. There are many ethical arguments about animal testing in the cosmetic world, however, polls have shown that the majority of people are against it. Despite that, many argue that the risk to humans without testing is high.


Which side of the fence do you sit on? 


The animal safety organisation, PETA, recently raised concerns that leading beauty brands were testing on animals and selling products on the Chinese market, and this is what has really raised this controversial issue once more. The EU banned beauty products which have been tested on animals for sale since 2004, but by selling in the Chinese market, this jumps over this legislation. Whether this has been proven to be true remains to be seen, but this certainly shows that the issue is still very real and pertinent, even in this developed and more open-minded world that we live in.


The bottom line here is personal choice. Would you prefer to purchase and use a product that you knew had been tested more holistically, and that no animal had suffered as a result of you being able to use it? Or, do you have a much more liberal view of the subject? Peachy Fox is totally anti-cruelty, and we prefer our customers to be able to make use of our nourishing skin care range, with a clear conscious, safe in the knowledge that no rabbit, rat, mouse, or other helpless animal has been subjected to barbaric tests.


Love Nicky, Peachy Fox Writer