Essential Evening Skincare Routine

In our previous post, we told you all about what you need to be feeding your skin in the mornings. We also told you how our skin needs different things at different times of the day! 

Your evening skin care routine should be much different from what you do in the mornings. In the morning, we are preparing our skin for whatever it has to face throughout the day. In the evenings we’re nourishing our skin and getting ready for it to repair itself while we sleep. It’s important, especially if you have damaged skin, to let it breathe and rest in the evenings while giving it a little help through your skin care. 

Your skin repairs itself throughout the night while you sleep. This, along with a load of other reasons, is why it’s so important you’re getting a good amount of sleep every evening. Your skin care products will always depend on your skin type. Although your skin type may need a few more, or less, steps than we’re about to tell you, it’s a great start to nailing a solid evening routine. 

Good Cleanser

A cleanser is what’s responsible for removing any makeup and dirt on your face from the day. It’s one of the first steps you should take in your routine. Your evening cleanser should be a little more heavy duty as it will have a lot more to remove than it does in the morning. Some people like to double cleanse which is a great idea if you’re using the cleanser to remove makeup. Double cleansing isn’t a great idea if you have especially dry or sensitive skin as it could irritate it and dry it out a little more. Investing in a great cleanser is essential if you want an amazing skincare routine. Using a cleanser without soap, if you can, is a great option as soap is usually the culprit drying your skin out! If you don’t want to use your cleanser to remove makeup and want a great natural option, coconut oil works a treat! Oil breaks down makeup unlike anything else and, of course, natural oils are extremely safe to use on your skin! 


Exfoliating your skin doesn’t and shouldn’t be done on a daily basis. Everyone builds up dead skin cells and dirt on their face, it’s unavoidable. Removing these things is most commonly done with an exfoliator and they work great! If you’ve used an exfoliant in the morning, you probably don’t need to use on in your evening routine as well. Over-exfoliating can lead to some pretty nasty things when it comes to skin, you can read more about those consequences here! Exfoliating can leave you with glowing and healthy looking skin so it’s understandable why people enjoy using an exfoliant in the morning. If you want a deep cleanse and are feeling a little bunged up and congested in your skin then a good exfoliator in the evening could be your saviour. It’s one of the best ways to clean our your pores and rid you of blackheads and any dirt or debris from the day. 

Face Mask

Face masks are great in the evenings as we usually have more time and are more in need of a nice sit-down and pamper session! Face masks shouldn’t really be used daily but we recommend 2 - 3 times a week! You can get masks that do all sorts of things. A lot of people reach for hydrating masks when they’re in dire need of a boost and many people like to use a detoxifying mask. Face masks can be packed full of detoxifying ingredients that are great for deep cleansing your skin and leaving your skin a lot fresher. 

Although face masks can hold a lot of fantastic benefits you also need to be careful when it comes to ingredients. If you have sensitive skin you could be prone to reactions to face masks. Always be careful when choosing your mask and if you’re a little apprehensive then why not do a little patch test and leave it on for about 20 minutes? Reactions to face masks are usually relatively easy to settle and aren’t normally serious however if you do react and it doesn’t go down after about 24 hours, make sure you see a professional! If your skin is a little sore after using one try using a calming facial oil or some aloe vera gel to soothe the area and you should be good to go after! Some masks can be pretty harsh and that’s why we’d always recommend sticking with a natural and clean product! If you fancy making your own which is really fun, you can find a few recipes here.

Facial Oil or Moisturiser

In the evenings we can go a little heavier with the creams and oils. Our skin goes through a lot day to day and it’s nice to nourish it in the evenings with essential skin loving ingredients. Using a heavy facial oil can provide maximum hydration and depending on which oil you use, can pack a lot of other benefits too! Some oils can help prevent ageing as well as reduce signs already present, even out skin tone and texture, help plump the skin and so much more!

Thicker night creams are also a popular choice for evening skincare routines. If your skin is really dehydrated and dry or you’re having a moment with dry patches and flaking then either would help, some people just prefer cream to oil! Despite common misconceptions, using an oil on your face doesn’t really make your skin oilier… In fact, most people who have oily skin actually need more hydration! Whatever you feel most comfortable with is fine just make sure you’re moisturising really well in the evenings. A little tip is to use collagen creams as they can really plump your skin and leave you with a more youthful look in the mornings! 

Eye Creams

Just like we said above, you can use thicker creams at night, so make the most of it! No one wants to wake up with puffy, dark under eyes, do they? Using a thicker eye cream in the evenings can really help to prevent any signs of a bad night sleep the next day. Again, collagen eye treatments are a great option if you’re looking for plumper, less sunken in skin! You can try our Marine Collagen Eye Gel here! If you don't already use an eye treatment then we highly suggest you start now! The skin under your eye is extremely delicate and one of the most susceptible places on your face to show signs of ageing early! Rubbing your eyes, applying and removing makeup can really take their toll on our under eyes. Start protecting them now by giving them what they need. Applying an eye treatment morning and night takes 30 seconds but can make the biggest difference to your appearance! 

Eye Mask

You read it correctly! Eye masks have become extremely popular lately and we think they’re fantastic. You can use them while you have a face mask on or after you’re finished with that step. Eye masks are usually 2 gel pads moulded to fit under the eye, soaked in ingredients that will hydrate and plump the skin out! They feel extremely cooling and are super relaxing so we think they’re perfect for an evening skin treat! Be careful not to get the contents into your actual eye though as it could sting! 

Lip Scrub and Mask

If you’re feeling a little extra and want to have a real pamper night then include this step. Everyone knows how they can exfoliate their lips. You can either buy a scrub or make one yourself, it’s super simple! Scrubbing your lips can help remove dead skin and leave them looking much more healthy and plump. If you have particularly dry and cracked lips, a mask may be needed to help you out! Much like eye masks, lip masks are usually gel or silicone pads soaked in ingredients needed to nourish the area of choice. You can usually find lip masks that need to be left on for around 15 minutes but bare in mind, you can't talk while you have them on! So this is probably a step for a night in on your own… 

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This may not be an obvious part of your skincare routine but it should be! Our entire body repairs itself while we sleep and the skin is no exception. When we are more rested, our skin is healthier just like the rest of our body. Beauty sleep is a real thing! So make sure you’re getting enough of it. 


Of course, we all have different skin so we all have different needs but these are a few steps that are helpful to take every evening! Once you put together a well thought through skincare routine it comes naturally. We only get one chance with our skin so it’s better to start looking after it now rather than later! Starting early can help to prevent the things we don’t want to happen later on in life. 


Love Peachy Fox Skincare Writer, Abigail x