Dead sea Mud mask by Peachy Fox - Everything you want to know!

Slathering dead sea mud over your face may not sound as glamorous

or appealing as some of the other steps in your skincare routine, but the old saying that we should never judge a book by its cover comes to mind here, because dead sea mud is actually hugely beneficial for the skin, and is incredibly rich in all sorts of minerals and nutrients.

So, what’s special about the dead sea and the mud that it produces? Well, in short, the dead sea is essentially Mother Nature’s spa, and is rich in many minerals and nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, phosphates, zinc and sodium. In fact, its benefits are so special that not only did the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra use it within their own beauty regimes, people to this day travel from all over the world to visit the Dead Sea, which is located on the border between Israel and Jordan, to bathe in the mineral-rich water and spread themselves with the famous mud.  The mud itself comes from the mountains surrounding the Dead Sea and started life as alluvial silt deposits that washed down from the mountains into the sea to create the mud that we know and love today.

Why is it called the dead sea? The idea of a ‘dead’ sea isn’t all that appealing, but it’s all to do with the high content of salt, which holds the minerals that are so good for our skin and bodies. Living creatures can’t survive there because of it, and so it was said to be ‘dead’!

As well as drawing impurities from the skin and smoothing the surface of the skin, dead sea mud can also improve elasticity; therefore, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and can also help to minimise and tighten pores. And because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, dead sea mud has long been used in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. And it’s not just facial skin that dead sea mud works wonders for; it’s also widely used to treat health issues such as arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis, and migraines.

And although dead sea mud is hugely beneficial for the skin on its own, the Peachy Fox Dead Sea Mud Mask is formulated with numerous other ingredients to further enhance it and benefit the skin. Our formula includes tea tree oil, as its antimicrobial properties mean that while treating existing blemishes, it can also help to prevent the formation of further breakouts. The addition of aloe vera also helps to hydrate the skin, and soothe any irritation, redness or puffiness thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. This mask is also great for evening out uneven skin tone and reducing the appearance of any hyperpigmentation as it is formulated with alpha-arbutin, which is an ingredient that works to naturally and safely lighten the skin where dark, so can help to lighten unwanted freckles and sun and age spots induced by sun exposure.

With the stresses and pollution of modern day life beginning to take their toll on our skin, it’s more important than ever to utilise the amazing natural properties of dead sea mud; the minerals and nutrients that naturally occur in it work to draw impurities and toxins from your skin. Using treatments such as this mask to rid your skin of these nasties in the short term, can prevent congestion and acne breakouts, and in the long term, can slow the aging process. Speaking of slowing the aging process, our mud mask is also formulated with collagen, which helps to plump and give the appearance of firmer, tighter skin.

If you live in the inner part of a city, these sorts of masks really are an essential part of your skincare routine as daily exposure to the pollution can wreak havoc with your skin and congest your pores with the dirt and free radicals caused by it. I live in the countryside, but I still rely on this mask a couple of times a week for preventing congestion and for deeply cleansing my skin after a long week. The hydrating formula also makes it perfect for this time of the year, as our skin needs all the hydration it can get. 

Mud and clay masks often have a bad rep for drying the skin, but our mask really does have the best of both worlds for all skin types as the combination of water-based mud, which is great for dry skin, and clay, which is beneficial for those with oily skin prone to breakouts, means that all skin types are catered to. For even more nourishment, the moisturising blend of calendula oil, olive extract, and jojoba oil in this dead sea mud mask make for a really hydrating treatment that is suitable for even the driest of skin types. This mask is also formulated with sodium hyaluronate (AKA a derivative of hyaluronic acid), which makes it all the more moisturising as it draws moisture to the surface of the skin and replenishes it. Dead sea mud also promotes an increase in collagen production as the mud increases blood circulation under the surface of the skin, and therefore stimulates the skins natural production of collagen.

I personally have fairly dehydrated skin, which can become visibly dry throughout the colder months, and I don’t find this to be at all drying on my skin or leave my skin feeling stripped or overly tight after removing it. I do find that I have to use more oil and moisturiser than I usually would after using it, but with mud and clay masks, that’s something I’d suggest doing to everyone. The satisfying smooth, rich consistency makes it easy to go overboard, but you really do only need a small amount to get a thin layer of the product over the whole of your face because it is so rich and thick.

Known for its purifying abilities, kaolin clay, which our dead sea mud mask is formulated with, also happens to be the gentlest of all the clays used within skincare products, making it suitable for even sensitive skin types. Named after the Kaoling Hill in China from which it originates, kaolin clay is favoured by those with an oily skin type as it works to reduce and balance the production of excess sebum. It can also help to diminish the appearance of blackheads, but because it is mild, it can be used on both dry and sensitive skin. And while kaolin clay effectively absorbs excess oil and draws from the skin and pores, the addition of organic cucumber extract and aloe vera juice in our dead sea mud mask formula helps to soothe the skin and ensure that the skin is nourished and moisturised as it works its magic! I don’t often find myself using purely clay-based masks as they’re mostly targeted towards those with oily, acne-prone skin types, but I love that this mask offers both the detoxification properties of kaolin clay and dead sea mud, but still deeply nourishes and hydrates my skin at the same time.

dead sea mud mask

For maximum benefits, we’d recommend exfoliating before applying this mask. A gentle exfoliant is best, as an abrasive, coarse exfoliator followed by a mask may be too much for your skin and leave it sensitive. The reason for this? Exfoliating will slough away any dead skin cells, and so you’ll be working with a fresh, completely clean canvas, which will also mean that the mask can penetrate the skin and work more effectively. The mask itself should be left on the skin until it fully dries (which should take no longer than around 10-15 minutes), and is best removed with warm water and a muslin cloth/face cloth. Contrary to popular belief, masks formulated with clay don’t actually draw too much moisture from the skin, but using one is quite an intensive treatment for the skin, and so to fully replenish the skin and nourish it, we recommend applying a thin layer of oil over the skin after removing the mask.

This mask has now become a firm staple in my skincare cupboard because I find the dead sea mud to be more beneficial for my skin than other purely clay-based facial masks. It still offers the ability to draw toxins from and deeply cleanse the skin, but it’s so much more nourishing than other masks of its kind, so I find that I get the best of both worlds with this. My skin looks noticeably brighter and feels incredibly soft immediately after use, and I notice that any breakouts or small blemishes I have also become less noticeable after use. I also noticed that the sun spot/pigmentation on my cheek (caused by not wearing SPF for a couple of days when I was exposed to the sun all day in the summer) isn’t as dark and is definitely less noticeable than it was before I started using this mask! I also really like that although this mask is full of great skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and organic and natural ingredients, the price is really reasonable for the generous 100ml of product that you get, as most masks on the market offer between 50ml and 75ml.

Our Dead Sea Mud Mask is the newest addition to the Peachy Fox London skincare range, and we’re proud to say that as well as formulating this mask with organic, naturally derived ingredients that are (and always) ethically sourced, this product is vegan, and along with everything within the Peachy Fox range, is 100% cruelty-free.


dead sea mud mask




  • This mask also includes a nourishing blend of Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Calendula Oil, and Bark Extract that provides unsurpassed moisture to soothe dry and irritated skin.
  • A weekly mud-mask will diminish and heal the most common skin issues including Blemishes, Acne, Pimples and Blackheads.
  • Renowned anti-aging properties tighten pores, reduce wrinkles and lines and promote youthful, healthy, natural skin. Its unique blend causes skin renewal, and leaves behind a visibly brighter and noticeably clearer layer of skin
  • with skin issues can seek help by using this natural remedy.
  • Deep cleansing, draws out impurities & toxins, tightens pores, exfoliates, hydrates and moisturizers, improves blood circulation