8 Things to Avoid at all Costs if you Want Clear Skin.

There is a lot of information about what to use on our skin and foods we should eat to clear our skin but not a lot about what we should avoid. These things may not affect everyone in the same way but are proven to cause or irritate breakouts.

If you’re more prone to acne and breakouts, there are definitely a few things you should steer clear of! 


1. Sleeping in your makeup 

Sleeping in makeup is never a good idea, doesn’t matter if you do it once in a blue moon or on a daily basis. It isn’t just dangerous for your skin either! Sleeping in makeup can cause irritation and dryness of the eyes and even infection. It clogs your pores and can lead to breakouts and pimples, it can leave your skin very dry too which can lead to a whole set of different problems. It’s so important to follow a good skin care routine every evening before bed.

Although at the time you may feel lethargic and not want to do it, taking your makeup off is very important. Invest in a good makeup remover to make your job easier! Make sure you’re removing makeup and dirt from the day before you catch your z’s! 


2. Dairy


Dairy is pretty controversial when it comes to diet as it is, it’s no exception with skin! Dairy contains hormones that can activate oil glands in the skin which can cause outbreaks. A lot of the time, if you go to a doctor with acne, they’ll ask you if you’ve tried cutting dairy out. For many people, not eating dairy has helped reduce the amount of acne they have and the severeness of the breakout. A lot of dairy products contain lactose which many people carry a high intolerance/allergy to. One of the many symptoms of an allergy to lactose would be acne and breakouts. If you’ve tried everything possible for your breakouts and think there may be a change lactose could be doing it, try cutting it out for 2 weeks and see if there’s any difference. 

You can get a lot of dairy alternatives in supermarkets these days. If you're a dairy queen and get on with it fine, no need to worry about switching it out! However, if you're up for the change or suspect you may be a little sensitive, there's plenty out there for you!


3. Gluten

Gluten has been deemed unhealthy for many things and although we wouldn’t like to comment on its affect of your overall health, it has been proven to cause breakouts. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and some grains. It’s what makes bread dough sticky. Things you consume most likely consume that have gluten in are bread, oats, barley and rye. 

Just like dairy, you can have an intolerance to gluten. If you are you’ll most likely experience digestive problems, headaches, muscle soreness/weakness and skin problems. If you’re sensitive to gluten, and you may not know you are, it could be causing your acne and breakouts. If you suspect you have an intolerance it’s always best to go to a professional to get checked, your doctor can do this for you. 


4. Sharing makeup brushes with other people

If your brushes aren’t clean, don’t share them! Our makeup brushes carry so much bacteria. Did you know, in a recent experiment on brushes that hadn’t been cleaned for one month carried eight different types of bacteria!? One of the main issues with sharing your brushes is infection, spreading eye infections is extremely common through sharing makeup tools. 

The problem with bacteria is that it can cause a number of problems with your skin, not just breakouts. What’s more of a problem is just how easy it is to spread bacteria from face to face. You should always wash your makeup brushes before lending them to someone else and wash them when you get them back. If possible, especially is you’re pretty prone to acne, it’s best to just keep your brushes to yourself! Although acne may not be contagious it is extremely easy to irritate it and make it worse.


5. Sugar

You’ve probably heard this already but sugar is not good for your skin. In fact, sugar isn’t all that great for any part of our bodies! There’s a scientific reason sugar being bad for skin. 


Refined sugar causes your insulin levels to spike. This leads to a burst of inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation causes your collagen to break down which can leave the skin with less elasticity. If you want youthful skin, sugar isn’t your friend! The boost of insulin also triggers changes in your body which can lead to pore-clogging cells growing. Sugar can even affect your oil levels, making them higher which, in turn, could lead to acne. You can read more about how sugar and other foods can affect your skin here.


6. Makeup Removing Wipes


Now, these aren’t all bad. If you’re using your facial wipes along with a good skin care routine then they shouldn’t be much harm. However, if you’re just removing your makeup with wipes then hopping into bed, you may have a problem. Makeup wipes do not remove every single bit of makeup or dirt from your face. They certainly don’t give you a good cleanse. It may be ok to do as a one off, after a heavy night or when you’re especially tired, but not regularly. Leaving the dirt and oils on your face from the day can break you out pretty badly. You need to be cleansing and exfoliating regularly to keep your skin clear. 

When looking for makeup wipes it's always best to go more natural! Check the ingredients on the back of the pack before you pick them up. Makeup remover wipes with a higher amount of chemicals can be extremely drying on the skin. You can get a lot of facial wipes enriched with natural oils, these may be a better option and oils remove your makeup extremely well!

If you're not that into wipes, you could always just use a pure oil to remove your makeup. Coconut oil is a fantastic option for this. 

7. Comedogenic Products


Comedogenic just means ‘pore-clogging’ and many of our skin care products including them. As you can read in this post clogged pores can cause all sorts of problems, but especially blackheads and breakouts. 

If you suffer from acne, breakouts, blackheads or just congested skin you want to stick with non-comedogenic ingredients and products. You can find some fantastic natural oils that won’t clog your pores such as argan oil, rosehip oil and shea butter is also great. Pore-clogging ingredients are often found in our creams like moisturisers so, if possible, swap your night cream out for a natural oil! You’ll still get just as much hydration, if not more. Plus, natural and clean skin care is always better for you! There are so many benefits to using natural skin care products, you can find out more here in one of our previous posts. 

8. Picking and Popping


We know it is bad for us, so why do we continue to do it?! It’s tempting at first when you know you have somewhere to be and a huge pimple appears out of nowhere. But the fact is, popping and squeezing is one of the worst things you can do. Picking at the spot can leave scarring which will take a much, much longer time to go than the spot itself. It’s also risky because you could be pushing the bacteria deeper down into the skin running the risk of more pimples! 

It’s not a good idea to press around an already inflamed area with your fingers that also carry bacteria either as you could spread this new bacteria into the skin. If you have been popping make sure you're using some skin calming ingredients to reduce inflammation and redness.

One we'd recommend is our Skin Calming Rosehip and Chamomile Cream.



We all get breakouts, we can't stop them every time and unfortunately, it's the same with acne. These are just a few steps you can take to help reduce your acne or spots and prevent some breakouts in the future. As much as we wish we could have clear skin all day every day, it just isn't realistic. There are so many factors that contribute to acne including hormones, stress levels and the environment you're in. It's important to look at the bigger picture rather than just what you're putting on your skin. 

Diet is hugely linked to our skin as well as hormones. A more natural, clean diet should help to balance hormones and in turn help reduce hormonal acne. It'll also leave your skin a lot brighter and more full of life! 



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Love Abigail, Peachy Fox Skincare Writer