8 Summer Skin Care Tips you Need to Follow

Summer can really mess with our skin.

Although we appreciate our hot sunny days and warm evenings, our skin isn't always as keen. Although it's perfectly safe to be out and about, enjoying ourselves in the sun, there are steps we need to take every day to prevent damage and keep skin nourished.

Of course, we don't just look after the skin on our faces! The way we take care of the skin on our body can sometimes differ but it is just as important. Here are our top summer skin care tips to leave you nourished and glowing from top to toe. 



All. Over. Your. Body. It's summer and we're showing a little more skin. Our first top tip is to exfoliate regularly all over your body and face for glowing, soft, summery skin. There are many different things you can use to exfoliate like an exfoliating brush or gloves.

A great option for summer is a coffee scrub and what's best is that you can make it yourself. For a natural, quick and nourishing body scrub mix together coconut oil and ground coffee. It only takes a few minutes to make and is an amazing, more affordable, alternative to shop bought products. The coffee scrub is even proven to improve skin tone, circulation and cellulite so it's definitely worth a try.

For your face try a gentle exfoliator. The skin on your face can get dry in summer due to the sun and heat so you don't want to irritate it. If you're looking for something a little different and more intense an at home acid peel might be what you're after. Not to be used too frequently but they definitely can give some great results.

Drink Water

So many people think skin care is all to do with that you put on you put on the skin! Healthy skin starts with what you put into your body. We need water every single day to help with every aspect of our health. Your skin is one of your body's biggest organs and like all other organs, it's made up of cells. Cells are made up of water so, without water, they can't operate properly.  

You should be drinking around 2-3 litres of water a day. We'd recommend more towards 3 litres in the summer as it's hotter! Drinking more water is said to give you more radiant, youthful looking skin. Truth is, different people see different results. The importance of drinking water isn't really to do with how amazing it makes your skin look, it's for health purposes! Drink up. 

Non-Comedogenic Products

In the summer we sweat more, produce more oils on our face and don't really enjoy the feel of heavy skin care. Comedogenic products clog your pores which, to be honest, is never our favourite thing but try and avoid them, especially in summer. Non-comedogenic just means that the ingredients in the skin care product will not clog your pores. These products are perfect for all year round but some people find their skins characteristics change with the seasons. If you're someone who regularly suffers from congested skin, blackhead and breakouts non-comedogenic products may be something you want to use all year round. If in the winter your skin is completely different to how it is in summer, you may want to switch your products up. 

Clogged pores can lead to irritation, inflammation and breakouts and there's never a worse time for all of that than summer! The minimal makeup trend is in full swing so we want our skin to look as clear as possible. Another plus side of non-comedogenic products is that they usually tend to feel a little lighter on the skin. This means they absorb quickly and don't leave us feeling sticky or greasy. Perfect for the hotter weather! 


Sun cream is the essential product you need in the summer. Choosing your SPF can be a little confusing. Many people think that the higher the number of SPF, the more protected you are. In fact, the number is actually for how long you can be in the sun without burning, the higher the number, the longer you can be in the sun. Just because you're popping on factor 50, doesn't mean you're not going to burn. So, if you're applying factor 15 this means you can be out in the sun 15x longer without burning than you could without any SPF protection. 

Some of us are more prone to burning so we need to take extra good care of our skin. If you're someone who burns a little easier try and stay in the shade as much as you can. Although we'd all love to just lay out in the sun all day, it isn't the best idea. Wearing hats is also a great way of protecting your face from the sun.

Another mistake a lot of people make is not wearing SPF on days that aren't hot. Just because it isn't boiling, doesn't mean you can't get sun damage! Sunburn comes from the sun's UV rays, which are not hot. You can't feel them! So whenever the sun's about, so is the risk of damage to your skin. 

You can find a lot of good moisturisers with SPF in them suitable for daily use. It's definitely worth looking into them for peace of mind! If you do by any chance happen to get burned this summer, have a look at our Rosehip & Chamomile Skin Calming Cream! Perfect for irritated, sore skin. 


Body oils and facial oils can be a saviour in our summer skin care routines. The sun and heat really do dry our skin out, even if we don't realise at the time! Giving your skin a boost of deep hydration can really help with retaining moisture. Try using a body oil straight out of the bath or shower to lock in the moisture! This is a great tip for anyone who exfoliates and shaves regularly as these too can dry our skin out. 

Facial oils are fantastic for all sorts of things, you can read about different types and their uses here in a previous blog post. Keeping your skin hydrated is very important when it's hot. One of the best times to use a facial oil is over-night when your skin repairs itself. Leaving on oil on to absorb overnight will provide you with maximum hydration, leaving you with plump skin in the morning. 

Be Gentle While Shaving

When we shave, our skin can become dry and irritated. Sometimes shaving creams are packed full of chemicals which can dry your skin out even further! If you need to shave your legs regularly and want them looking their best, refrain from dry shaving, using shaving creams with drying chemicals and being rough with your razor! It's also advisable to invest in a good razor with 3-5 blades. You can even get them with an outer coating of gel to hydrate while you shave! Try swtiching your shaving cream out for coconut oil, it works extremely well and nourishes your legs while shaving. You can also apply coconut oil all over your body after you shave or shower. The more irritated and dry our skin is the more damage could be caused by sun and, lets be honest, we want our legs looking summer ready! 

Facial Mists

Lastly, facial mists are great for an on the go boost of hydration. Many people work in stuffy, overcrowded offices that are hellish in summer! Or maybe you just love the feel of the refreshing spritz. Whatever your reason is, facial mists are fantastic for hydrating the face, refreshing us and waking us up a little! You can get some great mists infused with ingredients such as aloe to help calm and soothe dry, overheated skin! When looking for a facial mist remember the more natural, the better. Clean skin care is best! You can read more about facial mists in this blog post here!

Avoid Wearing Makeup When Possible

Some of you may not want to hear this but, it's for your own good! We promise. Wearing makeup in the heat isn't always a great idea. When it comes to glamming while it's sunny, your makeup can mix with your natural oils and sweat... It's kind of gross for your pores! 

Although it isn't always bad to wear makeup in summer, try and let your skin breathe. If you still have to wear it every day, try more natural makeup. Mineral makeup is an amazing option for the summer as your skin can breathe through it. It won't clog your pores as much either. 

We know we all want to look our best this summer but remember, your skin is the canvas for your makeup! A perfected canvas won't need covering. 


It's important to look after your skin all year round! However, in the heat, we need to pay a little more attention to our skin to avoid and prevent future damage from things like sun and heat. You can't protect your skin from everything that could possibly hurt it but there's certainly no harm in trying! 

Love Abigail, Peachy Fox Skincare Writer