7 Natural and Cost Effective Beauty Hacks

Have you ever needed a little lift either in your skin care or beauty regime but don’t have the biggest budget? Or need it quickly? 

There are so many beauty hacks you can use from things you may have laying around your house, more specifically, your kitchen! At Peachy Fox we’re firm believers in natural is best and you can’t get more natural than this!

So many of us get caught up in new product launches or claims chemical packed products make. The products that promise to take 10 years off your face in once use. The truth is, they probably aren’t as good for your skin as marketed. Using natural products reduces the risk of allergic reactions, chemical reactions, irritation and inflammation. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can use for a lot less money than you’re currently paying!

Sugar Lip Scrub

This one is especially great as you can make it up, pop it in a pot and keep it in your bag! Have you ever gone out and spent £7 plus on a lip scrub? Stop wasting your money! You can make your own lip scrubs up extremely easily and it won't cost you the world. 

Take some caster sugar and an oil of your choice. The oil can be as simple as olive oil but for added benefits, we'd add some vitamin E oil or jojoba oil as these hydrate the lips. You don't want to put too much oil in, just enough to saturate the sugar. For an extra little something, you could add in a flavouring or essence, easily found in your local supermarket! Don't go overboard though, one drop will do it. 

Using a lip scrub is the best way to get rid of dead, dry skin, especially in winter when we have chapped lips. Of course, this scrub is completely edible however if you want to wipe it off with a tissue after you can also do so. Make sure you rehydrate your lips after with either an oil or natural lip balm. 

Coffee Body Scrub

Although you could use sugar on your body, ground coffee is a little more coarse and all around more suitable for your body. It's extremely easy to make and very cost effective. Again, you can make a lot and then store it to use over a few weeks. Mix ground coffee and coconut oil for a nourishing scrub. Add a few drops of essential oils of your choice, it'll smell amazing and essential oils have great benefits for the skin. 

A coffee scrub is best knows for livening the skin up and reducing cellulite so perfect for summer legs. Coffee scrubs also have anti-inflammatory properties and are also great at removing dead skin cells leaving the body softer and more radiant. Using coffee scrubs helps promote circulation and the caffeine is packed full of antioxidants which are great for wrinkles and any other ageing signs. 

For the best use out of coffee, scrub make sure you aren't using decaf. Most of the benefits of coffee scrubs are to do mainly with the caffeine. Of course, if you're adding essential oils into the scrub you can expect even more good things. Essential oils all have different assets, you can read this post here about a few oils you could add in. You can expect extra hydration and nourishment from the majority of oils you add in and the coconut oil! 

Yoghurt and Turmeric Acne Mask

Mix 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt with 1 teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of cinnamon for this anti-acne natural mask. 

Turmeric is a natural anti-bacterial which has been proven to work against the bacteria linked to acne. It's also anti-fungal so can fight any nasties lurking on your face as well as an anti-inflammatory so it's perfect for red, sore breakouts. 

Yoghurt is known for being calming and soothing. When you have an acne breakout it can often be itchy, sore and unbearable. Applying yoghurt can really help to calm the skin and relieve any itchiness you feel making it more comfortable. It's great at reducing swelling, especially if you use it when it's really cold! Yoghurt is also proven to help lessen acne scarring as well as unclog your pores and tighten them. 

Cinnamon, much like turmeric, is a spice that people find works very well on spots. The reason we suggest mixing the two into this mask is, turmeric works well on cystic acne breakouts while cinnamon works best on pimples and smaller problem areas. Many people make up a cinnamon paste and just apply it over whiteheads to get rid of them. Cinnamon is an antimicrobial which means it kills microorganisms and stops their growth.

All of these ingredients are fantastic for the skin but it's also just as important you eat them too. Obviously not the batch you make for your face! Incorporating these three ingredients into your diet can have great effects on the body. 

Castor Oil for Lashes and Brows

Have you ever wanted thicker, stronger lashes and brows but don't want to pay the extortionate prices for concoctions from retailers? Look no further! 

Castor oil has been used for years to help enhance eyelashes and eyebrows, help them grow thicker, longer and stronger. The oil is extremely hydrating and prevents breakage from dry and brittle hairs in our lashes and brows. Preventing breakage makes lashes and brows appear fuller as you aren't continuously losing them and waiting for them to grow back. 

Castor oil is packed full of fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins that promote lash growth as well as nourish them to make them stronger. The oil itself is very thick so it's best applied at night before bed. You definitely won't see changes overnight. You'll need to apply the oil every evening for a good 3-4 weeks before you see the benefits but, it's definitely worth it! 

Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

We love coconut oil for many reasons, as you can read here but one of the best uses is definitely makeup remover. We've all been in the sticky situation where we've run out of any wipes and liquid makeup remover! What should you do? Scoop out a load of coconut oil and massage it into your face. 

Oil's break up makeup, pretty much everyone knows that by now! The thing is, most people have coconut oil laying around their house and it's a lot cheaper than re-purchasing makeup removers from high-end brands. A lot of people complain that some chemical-filled removers burn their eyes whereas coconut oil, which is completely natural, doesn't! It works so well at removing makeup you wouldn't believe it, it even takes off waterproof mascara with little effort. 

We'd recommend going in with a light, natural cleanser after just to make sure you got every little bit of makeup, dirt and debris off your skin! Using this oil will leave you feeling super hydrated and your skin will definitely thank you for using this over all those nasty chemicals.

We'd suggest following up a great cleansing routine with an equally as great facial cream. Try our Collagen Retinol Moisturiser or our Rosehip and Chamomile Cream depending on your needs! 

Sugar Wax

Yes, we know, OUCH! Waxing isn't everyone's cup of tea and it all comes down to personal preference! However, if you are a wax fan, you'll know continuous waxing appointments can really add up and cost a bomb! Not to mention, you have to lay and let someone else do it, book appointments, leave the house... constant appointments can be an inconvenience! So, why not wax from home with all natural products?

You will need:

  • 2 Cups of granulated sugar
  • 1/4 Cup of lemon juice
  • 1/4 Cup of water 
  • Ice lolly stick
  • Waxing paper or cloth

To make your sugar wax you should follow these steps:

  1. Mix all your ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Pour the mixture into a large, non-stick pot. You need a large pot as the mixture will bubble very high up when heating!
  3. Turn your stove on to a medium or medium-high heat and let the mixture simmer. 
  4. After it has stopped bubbling/frothing up. Keep stirring for a further 5 minutes on the medium heat until the bubbles have disappeared completely. 
  5. Pour into a jug or anything clean you have that could hold the hot liquid.
  6. Leave to cool for 5-15 minutes. It's dependant on how hot you can bare your wax but you must leave it for at least 5 or you could burn yourself.
  7. Apply the mixture to the desired area with a lolly stick and use the paper or cloth to wax it off!

You could also make hard sugar wax which is better for areas with hair that is more coarse but this recipe and consistency will work wherever you need it to. You can use this anywhere on your body, remember it's completely natural so there's no worry about a reaction. After you've finished waxing, apply some coconut oil to the area to hydrate and calm the skin. 

Honey and Olive Oil for Damaged Hair

We often forget that we can use natural ingredients on our hair! The majority of people have some sort of damage to their hair. Whether it be from using hair tools daily, from the sun or just in general not taking care of it you should be using a hair mask! You should use a hair mask once or twice a week, depending on how damaged your hair is. Don't worry about sticking to the same one over and over, changing it up is actually good for the hair. 

Honey and olive oil hair masks are amazing at helping hydrate the hair. If your hair is thin, brittle, heat damaged or full of split ends then this mask is for you! Olive oil is extremely nourishing for the hair and is especially great if you have a dry scalp. Don't shy away from coating your hair from root to tip, all of your hair needs nourishing!

Honey is full of nutrients to feed the hair follicles and is packed full of antioxidants. It is a humectant which means it keeps things moist, essentially it attracts hydration. This is why it's so great used with olive oil as that gives such intense hydration to the hair.

Mix together 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil, if you have extremely long and thick hair then double the amounts! Leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes but the longer the better in our opinion! When you want to rinse it out make sure you're using a good, preferably natural, shampoo as the honey will take a little work to get out! Condition as normal and then you're good to go. You can read more on natural hair masks here! 

Who would have thought there would be so many different uses for ingredients we have laying around our homes already?! These hacks are especially fantastic for saving you a bit of money, perfect for anyone on a budget. Of course, natural is always better so we'd suggest these over using products packed with chemicals any day! These are clearly just a few natural, money-saving hacks! Get creative and look into the benefits of the natural ingredients you have in the kitchen! 

Love Abigail, Peachy Fox Skincare Writer